Beer-Topia – Book Review


Uncle John’s Beer-Topia – A Heady Brew of Beer Miscellany is a unique resource to have on your book shelve.  If you’ve never heard of the Uncle John’s line before, they are generally short books designed to be read in short sittings while using the facilities.  The Beer-Topia version is no different than Uncle John’s other musings but the beer-centric approach is a refreshing read to say the least.

The information contained in Beer-Topia is unique in that it follows no real order for the reader.  The book is designed specifically this way to allow for it to be picked up at any particular page and have a couple of minutes of enjoyable, light hearted reading materials.  The core of the information is designed for people who are either lightly into craft beer or are just starting to learn about this industry.

For most beer geeks, there will be limited new information contained within it but the witty anecdotes and interesting tidbits that are included are fascinating and interesting.  This book will be a staple of my guest bathroom to let people who are visiting read about the greatest beverage in the world while doing their business.

One of our favorite sections of the book is on pages 192 and 193 and is called “Hooray Beer!”  The idea of this little game is very simple, match the slogan that is presented to the brewery that created and marketed it.  While we could guess the majority of them, there are some tough ones in there including “You never forget your first girl” and “It’s what your right arms is for” (St. Pauli and Courage if you didn’t know).  This is the sort of stuff that this book is full of, little fun facts to interweave into your next conversation.  Add this to the back of your toilet and you are sure to have some funny conversations with people staying at your house!