Homebrew All-Stars – Book Review


Homebrew All-Stars

By Drew Beechum and Denny Conn

All-stars are the best of the best, they are the elite in their particular fields.  So how do you find an all-star in the world of homebrewing? Denny Conn and Drew Beechum have scoured the nation looking for brewers who are stand outs in four different fields of homebrewing; The Old-School Masters, The Scientists (and Process Nerds), The Wild Ones, and The Recipe (and Ingredient) Innovators.  Breaking up the homebrewing world in this way is actually a unique approach to highlight the various styles of homebrewing.  This simply written book is a relaxing read that will entertain you with the witty stories and useful tips and tricks.

Conn and Beechum start Homebrew All-Stars with a litmus test for the reader.  The test is intended to identify which of the four categories the reader is most similar to.  It’s this test that allows you to either highlight the typical approach that you already follow or start to branch out with other aspects of the hobby.  The ten question quiz is quick and easy to complete and score; immediately showing you which archetype of brewer you are.  Our own score indicated that we were primarily in The Scientists (and Process Nerds) field of brewers but had some leanings towards Old-School Master and The Recipe (and Ingredients) Innovators.  While reading through the Old-School Master section we saw that there were a lot of things we were doing similar to those All-Stars but furthermore, each All-Star in this section also provided tips and tricks in addition to one of their favorite recipes.

Working through the book is an amazing way to pick up tips and tricks from the other brewing archetypes as well.  Not a sour brewer but want to learn from the real pro homebrewers who are sour-heads?  Read that section to learn from the best.

Homebrew All-Stars is one of those books that is a pleasure to read but also provides sufficient information for even the seasoned brewer.  Find inspiration in the published recipes like Hannah Banana Imperial Stout, Drew’s Clam Chowdah Saison, Poblano Wit and the Elvis Sandwich Short Mead!  We’ve already revisited this book to find inspiration for new beers and tips for making them better!  Do yourself a favor and pick up Homebrew All-Stars for your brewing library immediately!