Naming your homebrewery?

96251_Folklore Brewing Company_logo_01

Why name your homebrewery?  It doesn’t mean anything and in reality you and only your close friends will most likely be the only people who will ever know it.  That being said, it’s something that most homebrewers do, myself included.  The reason that I named my homebrew company is because it lets you feel like a pro brewer.  More than that, it’s just plain fun.  There is nothing better than saying to someone that this is from Such and Such Brewing, and have them love it, not knowing that it’s a homebrew.

Naming your homebrew company is something that some people have a lot of difficulty with and understandably so, it’s something that you would want to display and be proud of potentially for the rest of your homebrewing career.  In my case, the naming was originally very cynical; my original homebrewery name was Tolerance Juice Brewing Company.  This fit me very well when I was 24 years old and considered dealing with most people a chore.  Then I had to grow up and had a daughter.  I couldn’t seriously have Tolerance Juice Brewing Company on my laptop, it just didn’t feel like the right message to send to my daughter.  So I had to sit back and think about what I wanted my brewing company to be known as for the long term.

I’ve been intrigued for years with mythical creatures, and I often used to name my beers after these creatures or tales.  For example, one of my favorite winter brews is a Russian Imperial Stout that I call Kocshei the Deathless.  If you’ve never heard this Slavic folklore story, it’s an interesting read that you can find out more about on the Wikipedia page for it.  The short of it is Koschei is an evil magician who steals a princess, a quest ensues to get the princess back and in the end Koschei dies, or at least dies for a little while kind of like the beer that I only brew once a year.  Anyway this story helped me come up with my homebrewery company name of Folklore Brewing Company!

As a person with an interest in marketing in general, I find that having a name that is catchy is a huge asset.  That being said, breweries often link all of their beers in some way and I think that homebreweries should do the same.  For our homebrew club, which I’m the president of, when we go to a beer festival we modify the names of our typical beers around the central theme of the “Old West”.  The name of our club is Horse Thief Brewers Association so each beer ties back to the theme of the club in general.  It’s a great way to build comradery with your club.  Feel free to check out the homebrew club’s website here to check the club out (mandatory plug for our homebrew club).

I think that every homebrewery should have a unique name and it should reflect you as brewer.  I have friends who have named their homebreweries after their careers or even as simple as their last name.  It doesn’t matter what you name the brewery as long as it’s something that you will be proud of and happy with when pouring your beers.

One of the coolest things that I did was went on and gave a graphic designer a couple of dollars ($5 to be specific) to create the logo that you see above.  Sure it’s a simple text logo but when I have a great beer that I want to show off, I can print off a label with my own logo on it and send it out to friends.  I’ve also gotten hooked recently with and their homebrewery logo stuff.  You can get bottle labels, keg labels, tasting mats, metal signs and anything else that you want with your own logo on it!  Even someone with pitiful graphic design skills like myself can create awesome labels or swag with your own homebrewery name on it.  For the record I’m not sponsored or supported by either of those two websites but they were absolutely awesome when I dealt with them and I think that other people should know about it too!

With all that ranting, this is really the first post in Educate.Beer’s Homebrew Corner.  Over time I’ll be posting up my personal recipes, scoresheets, photos and other interesting homebrewing info.  The idea is that this will be a place where I can really just dump all of my homebrewing thoughts, musings and info.  This won’t be as polished or finalized as we try to make Educate.Beer posts, but that’s kind of how homebrewing should be, right?