There are hundreds of books and resources that you can use to further your beer education.  We at Educate.Beer review hundreds of resources annually to find the perfect information for our custom designed educational classes and trainings.  The following is a small sampling of some of the sources that we often reference in our training classes.  For a comprehensive knowledge of beer, brewing and serving you should read all of the references listed below but if you aren’t the reading type, contact us at Educate.Beer to join in on one of our TRAINING classes to get the information distilled to the exact standards that you need for the certifications you are looking for.


Book Reviews

Visit our BOOK REVIEW PAGE to see all the books, articles and reviews that we have recently evaluated to get an idea of some of the materials that you may want to read.  If you want to pass on reading all of these yourself but still want to pass a certification test, hit up the BEER TRAINING PAGE and take a training class!



Proper glassware is essential for the craft beer consumer.  There are very few things that illustrate your lack of beer knowledge by serving a beer in a completely wrong glass.  Our PROPER BEER GLASSWARE will get you the information that you need to know exactly what type of glass that amazing beer you are going to be drinking should be served in.  COMING SOON!


More info is coming soon, we are really swamped at Educate.Beer with the training classes and certifications right now but over time we will be adding more information to our references page for everyone to use in their future beer endeavors!

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