Educate.Beer reads hundreds of books, articles and reviews to get the best information available regarding the craft beer world.  The following is a summary of some of the books that we’ve read recently that will assist in obtaining any certification!

Tasting Beer – Randy Mosher

The first book that anyone getting into craft beer should read is Randy Mosher’s Tasting Beer.  The book is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to understand the wide world of beer more.  Read the full review of Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher RIGHT HERE

Beer-Topia – Uncle John’s

This is a simple book without a lot of technical or complicated info that is amusing, easy to read and enjoyable.  There are a lot of great little facts in the book that are useful to any level of beer drinker or server.  Is it going to help you pass a certification you are trying to get?  Probably not.  Will it give you some interesting conversational points next time you are with your beer geek friends?  Absolutely!  Read the full review of Beer-Topia part of the Uncle John’s library RIGHT HERE

Apples to Cider – April White

We know that this is a book about hard apple cider and that we are Educate.Beer not Educate.Cider but the truth of the matter is that artisan cider makers are growing just like the craft beer market.  Artisinal ciders are not the sort of thing that you see in a supermarket beer isle with flavors like “cinnamon bomb” or “sweet cherry”.  They are focused on the flavors that can be coaxed out of the apple itself.  Ciders are also an excellent way to introduce people to craft beverages who normally shy away from them so give it a shot!  The book will walk you through the entire process including the tasting and evaluating process.  It’s a great read for anyone interested in the resurgence in hard apple ciders.  Read the full review of Apples to Cider RIGHT HERE

The United States of Craft Beer – Jess Lebow

The United States of Craft Beer will take you on a journey across each of the 50 states to highlight and profile the top breweries out there.  Jess brings out interesting facts about the breweries and the states that they call home while focusing on the beers that they create.  The list of breweries in this book are extensive and your vacation days for the next few years will already be planned out after reading The United States of Craft Beer.  Read the full review of The United States of Craft Beer RIGHT HERE

Bourbon Curious – Fred Minnick

Bourbon Curious is a comprehensive analysis of bourbon from grain to glass.  This book lays out why bourbon tastes the way it does, including the procedures that produce those deep and enticing flavors.  A lot of breweries in the United States are using used bourbon barrels to age their stronger beers and the beers that are produced pick up the flavors of the bourbon that was previously in the barrel.  By understanding the flavors of the bourbon you can directly related to the flavors that are introduced into the beer.  Read the full review of Bourbon Curious RIGHT HERE

The Craft Beer Bites Cookbook – Jacquelyn Dodd

The Craft Beer Bites Cookbook is a collection of 100 different recipes for small plates from appetizers to dessert all including the addition of craft beer in the cooking process.  This book is fantastic for those who are looking for new recipes to bring to their friends and family that include that little extra special something.  The techniques and ingredients may be challenging for those not experienced in the kitchen but that just adds to the excitement of trying some new stuff out!  Read the full review of The Craft Beer Bites Cookbook RIGHT HERE

The Beer Wench’s Guide to Beer – Ashley Routson

The Beer Wench’s Guide to Beer is an invitation to the world of beer.  Covering the basics from general beer styles and the brewing process, the book goes in interesting directions including beer and food pairings, cooking with beer and even beer cocktails.  This is a great foundation of knowledge for anyone looking to understand the greatest beverage on earth a little better.  Read the full review of The Beer Wench’s Guide to Beer RIGHT HERE

Gardening for the Homebrewer – Wendy Tweton and Debbie Teashon

Gardening for the Homebrewer is a highly visual book that brings together information from the expert gardeners and the expert brewers to show the average homebrewer the ingredients that they can procure themselves for their beer.  Including all the standard ingedients for beer including hops and barley, Gardening for the Homebrewer dives into herbs, spices and other unique beer additions (spruce beer anyone?) that can be found in and around your own home.  Read the full review of Gardening for the Homebrewer RIGHT HERE

Homebrew All-Stars – Drew Beechum and Denny Conn

Homebrew All-Stars explores four different archetypes of brewers and examines their approach, recipes and inspirations.  Through a quiz in the beginning of the book the reader can identify which archetype they are most represented by and either dive further into their current approach or branch out into a different style of brewing.  The book is chocked with recipes from award winning homebrewers and mead makers.  This book is an amazing source of inspiration for brewers as it covers a variety of different approaches to the hobby!  Read the full review of Homebrew All-Stars RIGHT HERE

Brewing Local: American-Grown Beer – Stan Hieronumys

Brewing Local brings out the best flavors that can be found throughout the United States for incorporation into our fermented beverages!  This book has an amazing list of over 200 different ingredients that can be used, including recipes and recommendations.  To finish this book off there are over 20 recipes for beer using some of these unique ingredients including two mushroom beers (thanks Denny Conn!) and two beet beers!  This book takes a step down the wild side and will excite your imagination for your next brewing pursuit!  Read the full review of Brewing Local RIGHT HERE